Covid 19 Guidelines and Actions
PLPH Church Services Starting 6/14/20
Be Safe and Be Bless!

Pastor and leadership recommend all over 65 to remain at home and watch live. Guilt free services. As Always All Is Welcome!

-The Church Sanctuary, Main hallway and restrooms will be the only part of the facilities available for each service.
-Fellowship Hall, classrooms and office areas will be closed by roping off with no entrance signs,..
-No Children’s Church. Everyone in Sanctuary.
-Nursery will be available for use.
-Parking for those needing assistance should park on front side parking lot (youth Hut side).
-Those needing assistance can also enter from front side entrance doors. Everyone else park in rear and enter through rear doors
-Sanitizing and cleaning Church before services
-Housekeeping and cleaning personal will sanitize the Sanctuary and Restrooms on Thursday each week.
-All church seating will be sprayed and cleaned with sanitizers
-Pulpit, Piano, chairs, stage alter etc will be cleaned and sanitized
-All entry doors will be sanitized
-All common areas that are touchable will be sanitized
-Lobby chairs and table tops will be sanitized
-Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized 100%
-After cleaning and sanitizing is complete on Thursday, Doors will be lock and “NO ENTRY SIGNS” will be on all doors. These areas cannot be entered after Thursday until Sunday Morning.
-Sanitizing and cleaning during Church Services
-Automatic paper dispensing will be available
-Soap and Hand Sanitizer will be available
-Cleaning team will sanitize after restrooms are used or as needed.
-Please use paper towels to open restroom door. A trash can will be at door.
-Hand Sanitizer will be available in hallways
-Attendees: leadership is recommending following CDC guidelines for Social Distancing
-All leadership and personnel are Recommended to wear a mask
-Parking lot attendants will be outside to assist in entry to the Sanctuary insuring Social Distancing.
-Mask and Gloves will be available on the main hallway reception Desk
-Hand Sanitizers will be available at entry doors and inside Restrooms
-All attendees are recommended to not shake hands or Hug
-Everyone Maintain at least 6 feet from other people
-Attendees will be assisted by ushers to insure no large numbers of people entering the Church Hallway or Sanctuary at same time.
-6 feet of distance is required while entering the church
-We will only use half the seats in the Sanctuary. Every other row will be roped off to insure Social Distancing
-Family can enter together and sit together where seats are available.
-Everyone should try to sit at least 6 feet from the next family or couple
Exiting Sanctuary
-Exiting Sanctuary will be like a wedding but starting with the back rows.
-The Ushers will assist and let each row exit in a timely and Social Distancing method.
-Recommend no congregating in the Hallway.
-We are recommending everyone to exit the building and use the parking lot to meet and greet with Social distancing.

God Bless and Be Safe….Thanks for your support